Graham ID theft draws 10 days

A 23-year-old former Graham library worker pleaded guilty Friday morning in federal court to having used a Social Security number that was not hers to get a job.

Chief Judge James A. Beaty sentenced Marxavi Angel-Martinez to 10 days in jail, which she has already served, and put her on two years of supervised probation. The Cummings High School graduate is being held by Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities pending deportation proceedings.

Angel-Martinez was arrested on July 15 while working at the library and charged with aggravated identity theft, making a false statement on a federal employment eligibility form, representing being a U.S. citizen and identity theft.

However, a grand jury indicted her July 28 of one count of filing a false report on a federal employment eligibility form and misuse of a Social Security number to gain employment. The Social Security number she had used belonged to a dead person and had not been reissued, according to court filings.

As part of a plea bargain, Angel-Martinez agreed to plead guilty to the second charge. The government, on the other hand, agreed to dismiss the remaining charge and recommended a sentence in the lowest end of the range applicable to the charge, a recommendation the judge followed.

ICE agents started investigating Angel-Martinez at the petition of Alamance County Sheriff Terry Johnson last month. Since Angel-Martinez was arrested, her husband, Marco Antonio Miranda Monroy, has been arrested by ICE agents and charged with using someone else's Social Security number to get a job. He is facing deportation. Friends of the family said Angel-Martinez's sister and parents have also entered the deportation process.