Sunbather run over by lifeguard in S.C.

A Tennessee tourist was injured this week after a Myrtle Beach lifeguard ran her over with his truck while she was sunbathing face-down on the beach, police said.

Kelly Brauner, 25, was hit by a Lack's Beach Service vehicle Tuesday as the lifeguard turned to leave the beach, Myrtle Beach police spokesman David Knipes said. Brauner, who was alert and talking after the incident, was taken to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center with minor injuries.

Charges will not be pressed.

In August 2004, a 22-year-old Virginia woman was run over by a North Strand Beach Services Jeep, sustaining minor burns from the muffler. No one was charged in that incident.

Myrtle Beach police Lt. Doug Furlong said the last incident he remembered in Myrtle Beach was more than 15 years ago, and no one was killed in the incident.

Myrtle Beach City spokesman Mark Kruea said that there are certain areas that beachgoers should stay away from for safety reasons.

“The lifeguard service vehicles do move up and down the beach as they work, so when you pick a spot do be conscious that there are some areas where the vehicles are travelling. There are pretty visible tracks,” he said.

There are also emergency access points where Myrtle Beach Police Beach Patrol often enter the beach to check for emergencies or for regular patrols that people are encouraged to avoid. Those areas are marked by signs.