Is it 2025 yet? Lynx train ridership way past forecast

Keith Parker, the city's transit czar, is cautious, not prone to grand statements.

But Parker was ebullient recently about the latest ridership numbers for the Lynx Blue Line. July's weekday average: 16,936 trips.

Before the year ends, Parker thinks Lynx ridership may top the magic number of 18,100 trips, for one month at least. He said the train could average that many trips for an entire year by 2009 or 2010.

When the Lynx opened, CATS projected the train would average 18,100 weekday trips by 2025. Skeptics questioned if that was realistic, and even train boosters admitted it wasn't a certainty.

“Ridership has just been outstanding,” said Parker, who heads the Charlotte Area Transit System. “There's a realistic chance we'll be there by the end of the year if we hold on to summer riders.”

Parker said the summer ridership has been surprising because there is usually a drop in transit usage because of vacations. Another surprise: This summer, there haven't been many uptown special events, which helped attract riders when the train first opened.

Parker said he's considering expanding the parking deck at the Interstate 485/South Boulevard station – something he had been reluctant to do earlier this spring, even when the deck was starting to consistently fill up.

The first parking project will be to pave and stripe a piece of CATS land between the Steak 'n Shake and Sonny's BBQ that holds about 80 cars. People have been parking in the dirt there throughout the summer.

Parker also said he's negotiating with nearby businesses for parking spaces. In the next CATS budget, Parker may include money to expand the deck, possibly by building on a small surface lot next to it.

“My goal is another 10 to 15 percent parking capacity,” Parker said.

The Lynx has 3,200 parking spaces at seven park-and-ride lots. The Observer counted 2,370 cars at midday Tuesday last week. The number of cars has risen steadily since the train's opening, from 500 cars on the first day to about 1,800 in May.