No decision on Weddington sewer plant

The town council made no decision Thursday night at the fifth night of public hearings on a proposed private sewer treatment plant in The Woods luxury neighborhood.

IB Development is seeking a permit from the town council to build the plant in their planned neighborhood of $1.2 million to $3 million homes. The plant would use reclaimed water to irrigate lawns.

Both sides made closing statements and public comment began. Twenty-five people commented, the majority speaking against the plant.

Those against the plant asked to council to refuse the permit because of possible bad smells, noise and ground water contamination by bacteria and viruses. Many questioned whether Weddington zoning ordinances and land-use plan would allow the plant at all. Others were concerned that a privately run plant of this type has never been used to irrigate residential lawns in North Carolina.

“What are you going to do when one child gets hurt by one of those viruses (that can get through the filter)? How are you going to live with yourselves?” John Giattino of Weddington asked the council.

Those who spoke in favor of the plant said the neighborhood would provide a large tax base and that the technology, which IB Development has asserted would be clean and safe, is a good option given that county sewer access many not be available for several years in that area.

Union County currently has little sewer capacity to offer new residential development.

The council will begin to deliberate in open session at 6 p.m. Sept. 8 at Weddington High School.