After flood, rescue folks need rescuing

Volunteers with North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue are hoping people will remember the four-legged victims of the recent floods.

Officials with the Harrisburg nonprofit said Saturday it could take as much as $25,000 to repair pens and fix the compound after nearby Coddle Creek overflowed and buried the facility in chest-high water.

“We are just lucky that we didn't lose any of the dogs,” said Beth Phillips, shelter operator. “All of this is fixable. But it isn't cheap.”

North Mecklenburg Animal Rescue moved to Harrisburg four years ago, after two years in Charlotte. The shelter takes in dogs that are often out of time at kill-shelters or that have been left in abandoned homes or by the roadside. To date, it has adopted out more than 1,300 dogs.

The shelter has housed as many as 70 dogs. Currently, it is home to about 30.

At 3 a.m. Wednesday, all the dogs were in their pens when the muddy water from Coddle Creek began to fill the yard. Phillips and the shelter's other operator, Terry Fillow, waded to the pens.

“We carried them out two at a time,” Phillips said. “They were terrified.”

The dogs were taken to Wyolina Kennels in Harrisburg. The owners donated the space.

The floodwater scattered debris over the area. Several pens were crushed like soda cans, the fencing crumpled into a pile on the ground. The ones that remained were caked with mud and leaves.

On Saturday, a half-dozen volunteers started the rebuilding process.

Phillips said the shelter needs to move the pens to higher ground, which is expensive. She said the flood also damaged supplies.

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