Woman claiming rape changes story

A woman who claimed she was abducted and raped by three men near the Dilworth neighborhood has changed her story but still says she's a rape victim.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police have not identified the 22-year-old woman, and say they are still searching for three men.

But the woman now says she was hanging out with one of the men and was raped by two of his friends, police said.

“Based on the information obtained to this point we are continuing to investigate a sexual assault,” Deputy Chief David Graham said.

The woman reported Sept. 5 that three Hispanic men forced her into a green pickup on East Boulevard, then took her to an open area nearby and raped her. She was hospitalized with injuries but disappeared before detectives could interview her further.

News of the alleged rape swept the Dilworth neighborhood through Internet and media reports, frightening residents and angering some business owners who wanted more information from police.

Detectives soon discovered that the woman had used a fictitious name and address.

After several days of searching, police found the woman Friday at a hotel and interviewed her again.

The woman told them she met a man she knew at the Carousel Lounge at 3441 South Blvd. The pair left together and she voluntarily went with him in his pickup to an area off Hollis Road. Then, two friends of the man arrived and raped her, she told police.

Authorities are still looking for the three men but didn't provide detailed descriptions Monday. The woman's previous description of her attackers' clothes was inaccurate, police said.

Police couldn't say what motivated the woman, who is married, to give false information.

After her most recent interview with police, the woman was arrested on outstanding misdemeanor warrants for larceny and damage to property in Charlotte. She also faces pending drug charges in South Carolina, Graham said.

“We think something happened to her,” said deputy chief Graham. “It's our duty to find out what.”