Naming new roads is a fine science

Kannapolis, a city that's long been used to road names like Oak Avenue and Main Street, is now getting such designations as Watson-Crick Drive and Laureate Way.

It's the latest way the North Carolina Research Campus is transforming the community in ways big and small. The $1.5billion campus is being developed by billionaire Dole Food owner David Murdock.

In collaboration with local officials, campus leaders are starting to map out various names for the 350-acre complex.

Lynne Scott Safrit, president of Murdock's Castle and Cooke NC, said the main road leading to the campus will be called Research Campus Drive. It's not the most original name, she said, although it does get the point across.

That road is named West Avenue now. The new name will apply from Vance Street to North Loop Road, Safrit said.

Other road names around the campus complex include Innovation Circle, Wellness Way and Biotechnology Lane, said Johnny Lowe, senior project manager with Castle and Cooke.

Some names they wanted already were in use; for instance, there's a University Drive in southern Kannapolis. Go figure.

Lowe said Castle and Cooke consultants had come up with a number of names that have been discarded for various reasons. “Imagination Avenue” sounded “too Disney-ish,” he said. Others that also didn't catch on included Classification Street, Ethics Avenue and Dietary Drive.

And for all you non-scientists out there, Watson-Crick Drive is named for the men who discovered DNA.