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Ex-governor hits trail for Kissell

They both wore white shirts and ties, with rolled up sleeves and earnest looks. It was hard to tell who the candidate was Monday as Democrats Jim Hunt and Larry Kissell walked door to door in Charlotte's Cherry community.

Hunt was helping Kissell in his 8th Congressional District race against Republican Rep. Robin Hayes. Before an evening fundraiser, they campaigned in the mostly African American neighborhood near uptown.

“Folks, I'm down here because we need to make some changes in Washington,” Hunt told two men pulling out of a driveway on Cherry Street. “Haven't they messed it up up there? We need a change.”

Hunt went on to tell people that Kissell, a former textile worker, “knows about the working people.” Hayes, he reminded them, is the fifth-richest person in Congress. A few people greeted Hunt as a celebrity. Some appeared to barely know him.

Bounding up Mike Pugh's front porch, Hunt extended his hand.

“I'm former Gov. Jim Hunt,” he said. “I bet you voted for me a few times, didn't you?”

“No,” replied Pugh, 55. “This is the first time I've ever voted.”

Jim Morrill

McCrory cancels events, tends to Charlotte issues

Mayor Pat McCrory canceled two campaign events Monday to tend to the gas shortage and sale of Wachovia in Charlotte.

The Republican gubernatorial candidate scrubbed a “Meet the Candidate” lunch at Fat Buddies Ribs & Barbecue in Waynesville and a rally at GOP headquarters in Brevard.

Democrats already have taken a shot at him about his campaigning during the gas crisis, chiding him for attending fundraisers and riding in a parade in Benson on Saturday.

(Raleigh) News & Observer

New mailer attacking Perdue, her record

A new mailer from the Republican Governors Association is attacking Lt. Gov. Bev Perdue's record.

The mailer, which repeats the “Status Quo” button motif from its television ads, asserts that the Democratic gubernatorial candidate is responsible for “job killing tax increases,” “crippling debt” and “lost jobs.”

“North Carolina is going in the wrong direction,” it says. “And…Bev Perdue promises, ‘I will do exactly what's been done before.'”

That statement is taken out of context; Perdue was talking about creating an independent panel to look into offshore drilling.

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