Board revokes doctor's license

The N.C. Medical Board has revoked the license of Dr. Carl Trent Augustus, claiming that he acted unprofessionally by failing to repay money that he received, in error, from an insurance company.

Augustus, a Charlotte internist, had been disciplined by the board before and had promised to repay the money, some of which he spent for personal items, including $30,000 for season tickets to Charlotte Bobcats basketball games.

Augustus, 46, could not be reached for comment. He will not be allowed to re-apply for his license for two years.

In 2007, Augustus signed a consent order to resolve board allegations that he “fraudulently converted the proceeds of a check” for $170,000 that he received in error from Blue Cross and Blue Shield. He agreed to repay the bank in 12 installments of $21,350, starting in March 2008.

In its latest findings, the board says Augustus hasn't begun repaying the money, and is in violation of the 2007 consent order.

The license revocation took effect Wednesday.