Hayes raises more money than Kissell

Rep. Robin Hayes continued to win the money race against opponent Larry Kissell in the last quarter, but his second-time challenger was far outpacing his own fundraising rate set during the 2006 photo-finish contest.

Hayes, a Concord Republican who beat Kissell by 330 votes in the last election, raised $643,000 in the three-month period that ended Sept. 30, according to Federal Election Commission reports due Wednesday.

Kissell, a school teacher from Biscoe, east of Albemarle, raised $423,000 in the quarter leading up to the election. The Democrat had raised $101,000 in the same period in the last election.

The close 2006 outcome, coupled with the Democratic leanings of the 8th District, have made the race one of the most contested nationwide.

Hayes had $1.1 million going into the crucial last weeks of the election, four times what Kissell had, $250,000.

But personal fundraising tells only a part of the financial story in this campaign.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee already has spent at least $730,000 on four television spots for Kissell, part of $2 million it planned to pump into the race. Its GOP counterpart, the National Republican Campaign Committee, plans to run at least one ad for Hayes closer to the election.