Ask forgiveness before too late

Q. Many years ago I hurt a friend's job prospects because I told a lie about him. He's dead now. Please tell people not to delay making things right if they need to, even if it's hard.

We shouldn't put off apologizing or seeking someone's forgiveness if we need to – not only because we might not be able to later, but because it's God's will.

Think how much guilt and conflict you could have avoided if you'd only dealt with this sooner. It probably seemed easier not to admit what you'd done, but the guilt was there, as was the knowledge that you'd failed to live up to what is right. Perhaps your experience will help others face the hurts they have caused.

But it isn't too late to seek God's forgiveness. Your sin wasn't only against this person but against God. And he wants to forgive and cleanse you – not only of this sin but of every sin you ever committed.

God loves you so much that his son willingly gave his life for you. Don't delay, but give your life to Christ today.