2-piece puzzle can be harder than you think

When does it take all day to connect two pieces? When they're the 22,000 pounds of steel that make up James Rosati's “Triple Arc I,” an outdoor sculpture installed Wednesday in front of Queens University of Charlotte.

After more than four hours of work, the 16-foot-tall upper segment – hanging from the arm of a lift – was still a few elusive inches from hooking up with the lower one. “Soooo close,” said gallery owner Jerald Melberg, who represents the late artist's estate. After another half-hour or so, the pieces finally lined up, and the top one fell into place with a clunk.

Melberg – gesturing at right as he confers with associate Chris Clamp – said the sculpture, loaned to Queens by Rosati's estate, will stand amid the campus' trees for at least two years. It will be a companion to another work by the abstract sculptor in Charlotte: his “Two Angled Forms,” which rests outside the Charlotte Plaza building at Fourth and College streets. Steven Brown