To some, racism is raised too quickly

On Jeff Katz' conservative talk radio show this week, two callers began talking about Sarah Palin, but digressed to touch on issues of race. Nora, a caller in Union, S.C., said she thinks Palin is “marvelous.”

“But,” she said, “I wanted to tell you that a friend of mine, who I thought was an intelligent person, has told me that only… ignorant racists oppose Obama.”

Katz said that sentiment is common among his listeners, and a lot of people are angry about it. He said his impression is that some Obama supporters cry racism as an excuse to avoid talking about the issues – Obama's policies and beliefs, for example. His listeners resent the “cheap sort of tactic” used to label them, he said.

“That's one of those things that we've seen throughout the course of the campaign,” Katz told Nora. “Anybody who has dared to question Obama has immediately been tagged with this racist or bigoted line, and it's nonsense.”

Later in the program, a caller named John from Statesville praised Palin's intelligence and her achievements. Then he said many people are angry that Hillary Clinton isn't still in the race.

“She would have got it, Hillary Clinton,” John said, “if it hadn't been for Mr. Obama, the black guy getting all the black vote, all the liberal vote.” Julia Oliver