Vote, then pray for those elected

Q. I care what happens to our country and all that, but I don't think one vote makes any difference. And, anyway, Jesus never said anything about voting, did he?

Jesus didn't live in a democracy; the people of his day couldn't vote and they had no choice about who would rule them. Decades before Jesus' birth, the Romans had invaded that part of the world and they maintained their power by brute force.

But Jesus did teach us to be good citizens and to work for a better world. He said they should do whatever they could – and so should we. “Give to Caesar what is Caesar's,” Jesus told listeners who asked him if they should pay their taxes (Mark 12:17).

What would happen if everyone felt the way you do? In time, our democracy would come to an end. Don't take our freedoms for granted, and don't take our system lightly.

Ask God to guide you as you vote. And once the election is over, pray for those elected, that they may seek God's will for our nation – and do it.