Fake papers: Capitalism wins

A spoof newspaper resembling the USA Today and decrying capitalism was inserted into newspaper boxes in Chapel Hill, Raleigh and elsewhere early Wednesday.

“Capitalism Wins at the Polls,” the lead headline blares above a photo of a bonfire. “Anarchy Brewing in the Streets.”

The spoof paper's lead story announced that “2008 marks the 56th consecutive victory in the presidential elections for capitalism, which has successfully weathered crises ranging from the abolition of slavery to the Great Depression and the Summer of Love over the course of its 219-year administration.”

In e-mails to news outlets, an anarchist group said it distributed 30,000 copies in at least 10 cities. One of the e-mails the News & Observer received read in part:

“Early this morning, many thousands of corporate newspapers in over 20 cities across the United States, including Chapel Hill and Carrboro, were given more accurate front pages.” It said “one wealthy politician” replacing another was not newsworthy.