Inmate mistakenly released found at pier

Rockingham County sheriff's deputies on Friday rearrested an inmate facing several sexual assault charges who was mistakenly released from jail earlier this week despite being held on a $1.5 million bond.

Sheriff's office spokesman Dean Venable said Leon Oxendine Jr., 49, was found at a fishing pier near Myrtle Beach about 4p.m. Friday.

He was taken into custody without incident.

Oxendine, of Eden, appeared in court Wednesday on one of six sexual assault charges he was facing.

The charge was dismissed, and Oxendine returned to the Rockingham County Jail.

Officials handling his paperwork mistakenly released him upon his return. The misstep was noticed when Oxendine's paperwork was returned to the clerk's office.

“Someone misinterpreted that paperwork and released him,” Venable said.

Venable said Oxendine had been listed in state and federal crime-search listings to make sure he was apprehended.

Oxendine had been in custody since Aug. 20 on the sexual assault charges.

He was being held under a $1.5million bond order.