Mom gives birth in hospital parking lot

Now here's a memorable birthday.

David Hickman dropped off his pregnant wife in front of Carolinas Medical Center-University on Tuesday afternoon while he parked the car. Less than a minute later, he said, she was leaning against a pole, giving birth, and he wound up delivering their son outside of the Charlotte hospital.

“It was absolutely crazy,” Hickman said Thursday, after mom and baby were discharged from the hospital. “It was just his time to come.”

A hospital spokesman confirmed that Monica Hickman was discharged Thursday, but could not go into details because of confidentiality laws.

Hickman described what happened Tuesday:

He was in his office preparing for that night's meeting of CharlotteONE, a citywide worship gathering for young adults and singles. Hickman founded the group.

The couple was expecting to have the birth induced today, but Tuesday morning, Monica thought she felt contractions. Hickman drove to the hospital and left her standing at the entrance after she said she'd be OK while he parked.

No one else was outside. He headed toward her about 90 seconds later, and saw Monica slumped around a little light pole. Her water had broken.

A passer-by walked out of the front door, and Monica asked for help.

“Well honey, you're at a hospital,” the woman responded.

“No ma'am,” Monica said. “The head of my baby is out.”

With that, the passer-by darted back inside. Hickman managed to pull his wife's pants down, and the baby fell into her jeans.

“It looked like a hot water bottle,” he said. He managed to get the umbilical cord off of the baby's neck just as hospital workers swarmed over them.

Cole Wayne Hickman weighed 8 pounds, 7 ounces, and was 21 inches long. Mom and baby are doing fine, Hickman said.

This is the second child for Hickman, 30, and Monica, 28. The Charlotte couple's other son, Ryan, is 18 months old. Eventually, Hickman said they want two more kids.

“But we're definitely taking a break after this one.”