Adam Baker's courtroom statement

Adam Baker aimed his comments at his wife, Elisa Baker, who plead guilty to murder:

"I trusted you with the most precious person on my life. You not only lied to me, but you also lied to Zahra."

“Zahra loved you more than anything in the world. She looked up to you, wanted to be like you, yet you filled her life with lies.”

“You took the life of the most wonderful and loving little girl. You robbed her of her future, you robbed the world of an amazing girl, who I have no doubt would have changed the world.”

“Zahra will never get to go to high school, never have a real boyfriend, never get married and never have children.”

“You have destroyed my life. You have also made my life hell with false accusations that I was involved in hurting Zahra.”

“You have destroyed my family’s life and you have devastated a community.”

“There are no words to explain the hate I have for you or the hurt and pain I feel every day for the loss of Zahra.”

“You may not get everything you deserve for taking Zahra’s life, but you will have to face your judgment in the afterlife, and I know his judgment for you will be worse than any man can give you.”

“If at any time you actually cared for Zahra, please tell us where we can find any more of Zahra’s remains so she can be laid to rest complete.”