Vine-famous Nash Grier causes ‘frenzy’ in Iceland

Remember Nash Grier?

He’s the kid from Mooresville, now 16, who became an online sensation on the video-sharing app called Vine. Now he’s expanding his social media reach to Twitter, with about 870,000 followers, and Instagram, with 1.89 million followers. He’s currently the second-most-followed person in the world on Vine with more than 4.6 million followers, according to rankzoo.com.

While Nash ventured to New York this fall to be interviewed on “Inside Edition” and “Good Morning America” because of his Vine success, he went farther last week – to Iceland. Sunday, according to the Iceland Review, thousands showed up to meet him (and another Viner) at a mall event, causing what the Review called a “frenzy.” No one was seriously hurt, but minor injuries and car damage were reported, and Nash tweeted “Sorry about the chaos ... never expected so many people to be there.”

During the trip (he’s still there, with his grandmother), he has danced goofily at a “meeting” with Reykjavik’s mayor (hashtag: “#actualmayor”), swum in the famous geothermal spa called the Blue Lagoon, and chatted on Iceland television news – and of course Vined, tweeted and Instagrammed it all.

The real reason he’s in Iceland is to promote a new app developed in Tel Aviv, Israel, that does live-streaming video.

Why Iceland? Chad Grier, Nash’s dad, said he’s been told it’s because the country is a New Year’s hotspot for European travelers.

Nash is promoting the app along with Vine-famous Jerome Jarre (ranked fourth). The Huffington Post called Jarre “the unofficial king of Vine” in July, and Nash surpassed Jarre’s popularity, according to rankzoo.com, in December.

Chad Grier said he has been enjoying email updates from his mother about the trip and that the two will return to the states this weekend.

“It’s just absolutely nuts,” Grier said, “and he’s having a blast.”