Another sewage spill reported in Tega Cay

A spill in Tega Cay sent sewage flowing from a manhole on Saturday, according to the privately-owned company that manages sewers in the city.

The overflow near Tana Tea Circle was caused by a grease blockage in a sewer main, according to a statement by Tom Oakley, chief of staff at Utilities, Inc.--parent company of Tega Cay Water Service.

The latest spill comes after a rough year for the sewer system in the booming city. The Tega Cay Water Citizen Advisory Council, which was formed in response to the increasing incidence of spills, reported 49 sewer spills in 2013 alone.

A combined 190,000 gallons of raw sewage are estimated to have been released from just two spills in December, according to The Lake Wylie Pilot.

Customers were notified by telephone of the Saturday spill.

Oakley noted that the state’s Department of Health and Environmental Control were notified immediately and employees were able to contain the spill quickly.

“DHEC was on site and confirmed Lake Wylie was not impacted by the spill,” the statement read. The area has since been cleaned with lime and employees are inspecting the pipe with camera equipment to confirm the cause of the blockage.

While York County owns multiple sewage stations, actual sewer service is provided by private businesses.

Earlier last week, the advisory council filed a petition to the state Public Service Commission to have water rate increases from TCWS in 2010 and 2013 “rescinded and refunded” to customers.

York County Councilman Bruce Henderson, who represents the Lake Wylie area--which has been heavily affected by sewage spills--called the problem a long-term issue that needs to be addressed.

“It needs to be monitored a lot better, I mean gosh, it’s where our water’s coming from,” said Henderson. “It’s time for us to really lock down on this.”

The councilman suspects that a variety of businesses and individuals have contributed to the blockages by illegal dumping.