Late-night observations: Charlotte streets keep wintry cover

While road crews expected to work overnight, streets in Charlotte at 11 p.m. Wednesday were heavily covered with a mix of snow and sleet.

Even in Center City, where late-night plowing pushed foot-high piles of snow into the center of Tryon Street, the roadway continued to be covered with an inch or more of snow.

And still more sleet was falling.

The interstates were the same mess, with Interstate 77 showing no signs of the tire ruts that drivers expect to find in the snow on major streets.

In other words, expect very rough conditions Thursday morning.

Such was the downside of Charlotteans actually heeding advice from police, and choosing to stay off the roads Wednesday. Even major streets such as South Boulevard and Billy Graham Parkway showed little sign of travel, including hardly any cars abandoned or stuck on the roadsides.

A contributing factor could have been that few businesses were open after sunset, except for the rare Waffle House, a small number of convenience stores and animal hospitals.

Most of their clients appeared to arrive on foot, too.

Bottom line: Wherever you may need to go Thursday, call ahead. It’s highly likely you’ll make that drive for nothing.