NC to tow abandoned vehicles in travel lanes

North Carolina emergency management officials announced Thursday that they will tow vehicles that have been abandoned by motorists in travel lanes of major highways during the winter storm.

They are taking that action “for the safety of the traveling public and to ensure that plow and salt and sand trucks can effectively work to clear roads,” the N.C. State Emergency Response Team said in a statement.

Authorities said the N.C. Highway Patrol, National Guard, other law enforcement and Incident Management Assistant Patrol units have been checking all abandoned vehicles to make sure nobody is trapped inside.

“If the vehicle was off the roadway and is not considered a safety hazard, it will not immediately be towed,” according to the statement.

Drivers whose vehicles were abandoned within city limits should call local police departments to find out where their cars were moved, state officials said.

To track down abandoned vehicles outside city limits, motorists should contact the N.C. Highway Patrol.