A snowy and poetic ‘school’s out!'

Some of the most beautiful words in a child’s life are “no school tomorrow!”

So why shouldn’t they be poetic?

Kelly Grant thinks they should.

So late Thursday morning, with some of the heaviest snow from the worst winter storm to hit Charlotte in a decade pelting down around him, the assistant principal of Griggs Road Elementary School set up his video camera outside the Fort Mill YMCA and began rhyming his snow-covered head off.

His message: Griggs Road students would get their third snow day in a row.

He had polished off the verses that morning, then done some rehearsing before the shoot. Which was a good thing. Grant’s camera battery only had juice for one take.

And Grant nailed it, even if he had to brush the snow from his laminated script from time to time.

Snow days aren’t exactly popular with teachers and principals, but Grant’s 16-line poem ended on a gracious note.

“Stay warm, drive safe, we hope you’ve enjoyed these days,” the bare-headed Grant aloud in a venue of almost solid white.

“We will keep you updated on any future delays.”