Towing of abandoned cars underway

Charlotteans have apparently heeded a police warning to remove their abandoned vehicles from roadways or face towing starting Friday at 7 a.m.

Law enforcement officials say most of the cars obstructing the city roads were removed Thursday when temperatures warmed into the 40s.

Now, only seven abandoned vehicles are considered candidates for towing, officials said. This includes not only cars blocking roads, but those that were pushed to the side of the road during the storm.

Both are subject to towing to a public lot today, at a cost of $85 to the owners, officials said. Police say they intend to stick with the towing plan, despite the dangerous conditions that currently exist on side roads.

Owners of removed cars should call 311 to find the lot where their car is stowed, officials said.

As for vehicles abandoned on state roads, those not considered a safety hazard will not be towed immediately. Instead, the North Carolina Dept. of Transportation said Friday that it is working closely with the N.C. State Highway Patrol and local law enforcement to identify and move abandoned vehicles that are blocking travel lanes or posing an immediate safety hazard.

Under North Carolina’s Quick Clearance Law, trucks are moving cars to the shoulder where possible. In other cases, the Highway Patrol and local law enforcement are coordinating with towing companies to move vehicles to a safe location.

For drivers to track down abandoned vehicles outside city limits, contact the State Highway Patrol at 919 733 3861.

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