Mayor launches ‘Shovel Charlotte’ campaign

Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon on Friday urged residents and businesses to shovel their sidewalks – and their neighbors’ sidewalks, too, if needed.

Calling it the “Shovel Charlotte” campaign, Cannon said that residents and businesses should clear the sidewalks to help prevent pedestrians from being injured. Authorities say clear sidewalks will prevent people from walking on the side of roads, which can be especially dangerous when those roads are snow-covered.

Cannon also urged shovelers to take precautions against injury, suggesting people check National Safety Council tips before getting started.

The city of Charlotte cleans rights-of-way of hospitals and first-responder facilities, but property owners are responsible for keeping sidewalks and other property clear of snow and ice.

Cannon suggested Charlotte residents share their shoveling techniques on Facebook or Twitter (using the hashtag #ShovelCLT), and the city will post some of those on its Flickr page.