Charlotte Museum of History kicks off lecture series

The Charlotte Museum of History kicked off its History Talks Lecture Series on Saturday with a discussion on how slaves and Native Americans affected the American Revolution in the South.

In the years leading up to 1776, Indians wanting to preserve their land and blacks trying to become free formed alliances with King George III and other leaders of the British empire. These cross-racial alliances infuriated white colonists, especially in the South, and helped them decide to declare independence from Britain, a press release from the museum said.

Woody Holton, McCausland Professor of History at the University of South Carolina, led the lecture Saturday. Holton was a National Book Award finalist in 2007 and winner of the 2010 Bancroft Prize, a prestigious academic award in the field of history.

Upcoming dates and topics for the History Talks Lecture Series are:

•  1 p.m. April 12, “The French and Indian War in North Carolina: The Spreading Flames of War” by John R. Maass.

•  6 p.m. April 18 “America Aflame: God and the Civil War” by David Goldfield.

•  1 p.m. June 14 “Light Horse Harry Lee in the War for Independence in North Carolina” by John Beakes.

•  1 p.m. June 28 “Camp Followers and Female Civilians in the Revolution: Analyzing the Myths and Setting the Record Straight” by Robert M. Dunkerly.

For more information, contact Lisa Jillani at Lisa@CharlotteMuseum.org.