Patrick Cannon’s wife affiliation with Allen Tate ends

In the wake of former Charlotte Mayor Patrick Cannon’s arrest on public corruption charges, his wife is no longer an agent for real estate firm Allen Tate Co.

Charlotte-based Allen Tate notified the N.C. Real Estate Commission on Thursday that Trenna Cannon is no longer one of its agents, said Charlie Moody, assistant director for the commission’s regulatory affairs division.

The commission licenses and regulates real estate agents, also called brokers, in the state. Moody said the majority of North Carolina brokers working full time in real estate are affiliated with a real estate firm, such as Allen Tate.

Allen Tate declined to comment on Cannon’s status with the firm, citing company policy regarding personnel matters.

“Agents with the Allen Tate Company are independent contractors, not employees,” Susan Larkin, Allen Tate spokeswoman, said in an email.

Cannon remains a licensed broker on active status in North Carolina, Moody said Friday.

“If we obtain some evidence of some wrongdoing, of a violation of our law, then we could discipline her based on that, but not simply on her husband’s alleged criminal issues,” Moody said.

Moody said Cannon can act as a buyer’s agent. But to advertise or list properties, she would need to be affiliated with a broker-in-charge through a real estate firm or become a broker-in-charge herself, Moody said.

Cannon is not affiliated with any other real estate company. Like all other brokers in North Carolina, Cannon has until June 30 to renew her license.

Moody said Cannon was first licensed in North Carolina in November 2000. In July 2002, she allowed her license to expire. When she renewed in October 2002, it was on inactive status until June 2004.

Moody said the commission has no record of complaints about Cannon from brokers or customers.

Federal authorities have not charged Trenna Cannon with wrongdoing. But the mayor’s wife is mentioned in the federal affidavit that outlines allegations that her husband accepted tens of thousands of dollars in bribes.

Among other things, the affidavit says she accompanied her husband to Las Vegas to meet with undercover agents posing as investors and later thanked an agent for $1,000 the Cannons were given as spending money for the trip.

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