April’s here, and so are the 80’s

Charlotte-area residents can stick with the shorts and T-shirts for the rest of the week, forecasters say, with the region getting its first taste of warm weather in 2014.

The jet stream, which has sent repeated bouts of cold weather into the Carolinas since early January, has switched into springtime mode. That means several days of 80 degrees or warmer for the region.

Charlotte hasn’t experienced an 80-degree day since Oct. 11, but meteorologists said high temperatures could equal or surpass that mark any day through Thursday.

Forecasters say overnight lows, which were in the 30s earlier this week, also will moderate into the 50s. The next chance of rainfall will come Friday, when a cold front pushes across the region.

Meteorologists said a return to cooler weather is likely early next week, with highs returning to the 60s.