Caldwell offers free water tap ... to first 300 who ask

Caldwell County commissioners voted Monday night to offer a free tap to the county’s water system.

The deal could save customers up to $1,050, but there are a couple of catches.

You have to live or operate a business adjacent to an existing water line, and you have to be among the first 300 residents or business owners to apply for the deal. And you’ll have to pay the cost of the water line from the tap to your home or business.

County commissioners took the action because Caldwell County is not meeting the minimum water usage required in its contract with the city of Lenoir, which supplies the water service.

The cost of a tap to the county water line is $750 for residences and $1,050 for businesses. To be eligible for the deal, commissioners said, prospective customers must live adjacent to an existing line, must agree to buy only county public water for three years, and must disconnect any wells on their property.

The deal is good for the first 300 applicants, or until Oct. 31, whichever comes first.

For details, call the Caldwell County Water Department, 828-757-6865, or go to www.caldwellcountync.org and click on the link on the main page of the website that says “Caldwell County Water Agreement Contract for Free Water Tap.”