Boone restaurant linked to salmonella outbreak, officials say

Public health officials in Watauga County said Friday that five cases of salmonella have been confirmed among patrons who ate at Proper Restaurant in Boone last month.

As of Friday, nine people had reported symptoms that officials say are consistent with salmonella infection, including fever, nausea, stomach pain, diarrhea and vomiting.

The Health Department is asking anyone who ate or drank anything from Proper on or after May 17 and started having diarrhea within three days to call the department at 828-264-6635.

If individuals call after hours or on the weekend, they should stay on the line to be connected to on-call staff.

Appalachian District Health Department Director Beth Lovette said that even those who have recovered should call for questioning in hopes that the source of the contamination can be identified.

“We are still investigating to determine the source (or sources) of infection,” Lovette said in a media release. “The restaurant has been diligent and responsive during this process and we appreciate their commitment to the safety of their customers.