Video shows pivotal moment in Kenan Gay trial

Court officials have released hours of footage from the Kenan Gay trial, including images from inside Ed’s Tavern that show Gay hauling victim Robert Kingston out of the bar.

On Friday, a Mecklenburg jury found Gay, a 25-year-old law school graduate, not guilty of second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter in connection with the March 2012 death of Robert “Robb” Kingston outside of Ed’s Tavern.

The video footage from the popular Dilworth bar shows Gay pushing Kingston out the front door after Kingston tried to kiss Gay’s girlfriend, Liz Wicker, now his wife. Kingston was struck by a car moments later and died in the middle of Park Road.

Cameras didn’t capture the fateful moment when Kingston went into the street because umbrellas above tables on the patio blocked the view of the street.

Jury Foreman Larry Williams told the Observer that jurors did not have the evidence they needed to know what happened in the last three seconds of Kingston’s fatal journey.

“The case took place outside the bar,” Williams said. “Three seconds. We could never determine what happened, and we could never get our questions answered.” Staff writer Hannah Jeffrey contributed.

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