Legislation for Union Co. school board recall election is dead – for now

Union County school board members don’t have to worry about facing a recall election, at least not for now.

State Rep. Craig Horn, R-Union, had legislation drafted for a recall option after parents in the school district asked him to develop the plan. Many parents remain incensed over the school district’s redistricting plan to deal with overcrowding.

But on Wednesday, Horn said a redrafting of the legislation to deal with a technicality would not have been completed in time for the bill to be considered in the legislative short session, which ends soon.

Local bills in the short session also require the support of all members of a county’s delegation before they can be introduced. Horn said the other three members of the Union delegation did not favor the plan.

“Nobody said, ‘Great idea, Craig. I’ll support you.’ ”

But Horn said he may revive the plan in the legislative long session that starts next year. During long sessions, a local bill doesn’t require a delegation’s support to be introduced. He said he would see if it makes sense to include county commissioners along with school board members in the legislation.

Horn also said there is a chance after he reviews the issue again that he may not introduce the legislation at all.

Some school board members had objected to being singled out in the original legislation, which would have had a recall vote for school board members if at least 15 percent of registered voters signed a recall petition.

Kim Hillegas, president of a parents group fighting to stop redistricting, called it “extremely disappointing” that the bill was not introduced in the short session. She said she will press Horn to bring it back in the long session.

Meanwhile, Union voters still will have their say on the makeup of the school board: Five of nine seats are up for election in November.