Crew works to clean up Charlotte bridge following Friday morning wreck

At least one lane of the bridge from inbound Independence Boulevard to Brookshire Boulevard remained closed midday Friday, as members of the Carolina Environmental Response Team (CERT) worked to clean up the diesel spilled during an early morning semi wreck.

A tractor trailer jackknifed on the bridge just before 6 a.m. and the lanes remained closed for several hours till wreckage was cleared around 9 a.m.

Lee Shank, the owner of CERT, said a crew of eight continued to work for several more hours to clean nearly 100 gallons of diesel fuel from the roadway, as well as oil and antifreeze.

Left unattended in the rain, the fluids would have created “super slick” traffic conditions, as well as negatively impacted the storm water system, Shank said.

He anticipated the team would finish their work on the bridge around 1 p.m., but that the team would need to return after several days “to excavate contaminated soil that’s under the bridge.”