Charlotte comic ‘D Cameron’ mined classroom for material

Though you could say kids wrote his act, it was sometimes their parents.

A service will be held Saturday for David D. Williams, who drew on his experiences as a former teacher at J.T. Williams Middle School for his comedy act at Charlotte’s Comedy Zone and other venues.

Williams, 48, who performed as “D Cameron,” died July 25 from a fast-spreading cancer discovered in his kidneys about six months ago.

Comedy Zone general manager Joel Pace said Williams was one of the senior performers at the club, having been onstage there for about 15 years. Williams often coached younger comics. “They all looked up to D,” Pace said.

Williams was the volunteer host each year for the Charlotte breast cancer fundraising benefit, Laugh for the Cure, Pace said.

Williams used observations from his middle-school classroom days in his act, notable for its lack of vulgarity. “He’d talk about droopy-pants kids, bad-behavior kids, how he’d straighten them out,” Pace said.

Fellow Charlotte comic David Livingston, better known as “David L,” remembered Williams using a vignette in his act about parents coming in to the school to complain.

“He said the parents would come in angry and he’d go, ‘You know why the kids aren’t learning? They’ve got stupid parents. If I gave them the test, they couldn’t pass it.’”

Williams grew up in Cincinnati and graduated from Ohio State University in 1991 with a degree in advertising. He taught for CMS Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools until June 2011 when he became a full-time comedian.

He is survived by his wife, Denise, and daughters Kayla and Kaiya.

Visitation will be 1 p.m. Saturday followed by a service at 2 p.m. at Grier Memorial Chapel, 115 John McCarroll Ave., Charlotte. A memorial comedy fundraiser will be held at the Comedy Zone Charlotte on Aug. 20.

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