Charlotte weather to run cooler than usual

Charlotte-area residents can expect cooler-than-usual weather early in the week, the National Weather Service said Sunday. But don’t pull out your jackets just yet.

Monday’s high temperature is expected to reach 82, which is 6 degrees lower than usual for this time of year, National Weather Service meteorologist John Tomko said. He noted that a cold front coming from the northeast will affect temperatures during the first half of the week. The low will be 64 on Monday morning.

By Friday, the temperature is expected to climb back up to 88, where the highs will remain throughout the weekend.

Tomko added that there’s no chance of rain until the end of the week, with the rain chance about 20 percent on Friday.

Although this week will hover in the 80s, Tomko said residents may still see a couple more 90-degree days before the end of summer. In fact, he said, meteorologists usually see their last 90-degree day of the year sometime in September.