Obama thanks 83-year-old Monroe veteran for stamp idea

Garland Denny, an 83-year-old Navy veteran from Monroe, had his picture taken with President Barack Obama on Tuesday and even got a thank you from the commander-in-chief.

“ ‘I thank you for what you’re doing,’ ” Denny said the president told him at the Charlotte Convention Center on Tuesday during the American Legion National Convention.

The president already knew of the Korean War veteran’s efforts to get increased funding for veterans’ services, including through a commemorative postage stamp, Denny told the Observer by phone from his home later Tuesday.

Rep. Robert Pittenger said he arranged Tuesday’s meeting in appreciation of Denny’s “tireless service and dedication.”

The congressman called Denny “a distinguished and faithful veteran who continues to serve his country and fellow service members – at the age of 83!”

Later this week, Pittenger’s staff is scheduled to meet with U.S. Postal Service officials and White House staff to discuss how to advance Denny’s postage stamp proposal.

“Mr. Denny is a true patriot, and I am honored to assist Mr. Denny in pursuing his goal,” Pittenger said.

Denny said his meeting with Obama lasted only “seconds,” but he was able to thank the president for a medallion he received when he visited the White House on June 6 with his son, Chuck. The father and son discussed Denny’s stamp proposal with White House officials that day, which was Denny’s 83rd birthday and the 70th anniversary of D-Day.