Firefighters battle Cornelius gas line rupture

Firefighters in Cornelius battled a fire that was fed by a ruptured gas line, across the street from a day care facility.

The fire broke out before 1:30 p.m. Wednesday along the 9600 block of Bailey Road in Cornelius.

The blaze nearly destroyed a three-story townhouse located across the street from the playground of the Rainbow Child Care.

Firefighters have yet to release an official cause, however they believe a motorcycle, connected to a truck with jumper cables may started the fire.

The woman who lives in the town home said neither vehicle was on when the fire started.

Meghan Whitfield's two sons attend the day care center. She says a sense of panic rushed over her when she saw the fire engines and smelled the smoke.

"I'm just really glad my kids are okay. There's a lot of kids in this school and I'm sure every parent felt the same way that I did," Whitfield said.

The director of the day care told WBTV that "all of our children are safe and sound. Our families and our children are our main concern."

Two additional units have smoke damage.