3 more unsealed search warrants sharpen focus on apartment where Maggie Daniels killed

Search warrants unsealed on Friday sharpened the focus on the apartment where popular Newton-Conover high school counselor Margaret “Maggie” Daniels was killed on June 28.

The mother of Daniels’ boyfriend and others found Daniels lying face down on her bedroom floor in front of the door and to the left of her bed, the warrants said. She was wearing a pair of pink running shorts that were inside out on her body and nothing else.

Daniels’ dark brown hair was swept to the right shoulder, blood appeared to be pooled near her nose and she was lying on her right cheek, according to the warrants.

The Catawba County district attorney has filed a motion to seek the death penalty against Sharman Howard Odom 34, who was indicted two weeks ago by a grand jury in Daniels’ death.

Odom, who was taken into custody Aug. 2 at his mother’s home in Winston-Salem, was charged with first-degree murder, first-degree sexual offense and first-degree kidnapping.

At the time of Daniels’ death, she and Odom lived in the same apartment complex in the 100 block of West 17th Street in Newton.

Search warrants unsealed Thursday revealed details of the apartment where Daniels’ body was found. The warrants also said neighbors told police that Odom appeared to know Daniels’ habits and said he wanted to “get with” Daniels. One neighbor called Odom “creepy.”

The three warrants unsealed Friday were for searches of Daniels’ apartment on June 28, July 1 and July 2.

On June 28, the status of Daniels’ death was listed as “unattended” by investigators.

But that changed to a homicide after autopsy results became available two days later. Earlier warrants said there were ligature marks on Daniels’ neck, which suggested she had been strangled.

The warrants unsealed Friday said Daniels was cold to the touch and it appeared she had been dead for several hours. Her bathroom door was open and the light was on.

There was a towel in the bathroom sink and the cabinet above the commode was open, the warrants said.

Near Daniels’ body were several articles of clothing, including a soiled white T shirt to the left and a pair of underpants near her right foot.

The warrants said the closet light was on and that a broken full-length mirror on the foot of her bed had a clear liquid on it.

The bedspread was rolled into a ball and placed in the middle of the bed, the warrants said. A white sheet had been rolled up and was laying on the right side of the bed closest to the window.

A television in the living room was on and the rest of the apartment appeared in order, the warrants said. The front door was unlocked.

Evidence collected at the scene by investigators included electronic data from a phone, iPad and computer, along with clothing and other items such as glasses, towels, a pocketbook and makeup bag.

Earlier warrants have said that while DNA evidence was taken from numerous parties, Odom was the only person who refused to cooperate.

Odom was interviewed twice and denied any association with Daniels beyond speaking to her, the warrants said.

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