NC trooper dude, where’s my car? Find out online.

A new page on the N.C. Highway Patrol website holds answers for anyone searching for a vehicle that was stored or towed away on orders from a state trooper.

It’s for any car that was abandoned, improperly parked or removed after an accident – but only in cases where the Highway Patrol was involved.

It’s not for cars seized in connection with criminal cases, and it’s not for other vehicle removals handled by local police or deputies.

The search page was created to cut down on floods of phone calls that pour into Highway Patrol offices after bad weather and other big events such as the February snowstorm that led hundreds of Triangle drivers to abandon their cars on slippery roads.

“And even when you have just one vehicle involved in a collision,” it can be hard for a driver to be reunited with a car, said Sgt. Mike Baker, a Highway Patrol spokesman. “This hopefully is going to eliminate some of the confusion.”

You can find the towed-away car’s location by searching on the owner’s name, the license number or the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Go to the Department of Public Safety site ( www.ncdps.gov), click the Highway Patrol link, then look for “ Towed / Stored Vehicle Search.” That’s the Highway Patrol way.

Or try this custom-made shortcut: bit.ly/NCHPTOWED. That’s the Road Worrier way.

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