3 men charged with 14 break-ins to phone and gaming stores

Three men were arrested for 14 incidents of breaking and entering into phone and gaming businesses in Charlotte, and police say they were also connected to break-ins in Pineville and Concord.

The men allegedly completed the string of break-ins at various locations in the Charlotte area, including several on Independence Boulevard and Pineville-Matthews Road, between Aug. 7 and Aug. 26. They often committed more than one crime each day, including five break-ins on Aug. 17.

The Property Crimes Surveillance Unit investigated and police confronted the men while they were attempting to break into a Radio Shack in Concord in the 8000 block of Concord Mills Boulevard.

Kenneth Black, 32, and Travis Gill, 33, were taken to the Concord Police Department for interviews. Luquese Black, 36, is being treated at a local hospital for injuries he sustained while trying to flee police. Authorities will charge Black upon his release from the hospital.