Garinger High School freshman shocked with Taser in bus lot

A ninth-grade Garinger High School student was shocked with a Taser in the school’s bus lot Thursday after becoming confrontational with staff and the school resource officer, Charlotte-Mecklenburg School officials confirmed Friday.

The incident started as Garinger was dismissing around 2:15 p.m.

It escalated to the point that the school resource officer, employed by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, used the Taser, a CMS spokeswoman said.

A school spokeswoman said she wouldn’t have information about the nature of the confrontation.

She said the age and sex of the student are identifying factors that couldn’t be disclosed.

She also said she couldn’t comment on whether the student had a history of being disciplined.

The student was taken into custody after the event, though it remained unclear whether any criminal charges had been filed, according to school officials.

A Connect-5 message went out to parents of Garinger students on Thursday evening, noting the student “will be disciplined according to the Student Code of Conduct.”

Staff writer Adam Bell contributed.