4 puppies found in garbage bag behind Fort Mill gas station

Four puppies are recovering at a Fort Mill animal hospital after sources say they were put into a trash bag and dumped behind a gas station.

"They were covered in mud and I'm not so sure how well they've eaten," said veterinarian Lisa Shaw at Indian Land Animal Hospital.

"They hadn't been fed for a little while," said Shaw, "The smallest one that had some respiratory problems this morning, so we had a little bit of an issue there."

Thankfully, a good Samaritan spotted the animals near a dumpster behind a gas station on Thursday.

"We had a gentleman stop by and say he found these four babies," said Dr. Shaw.

With gentle care from the staff at Indian Land Animal Hospital, the puppies, three brothers and a sister which are thought to be a breed of boxer, are now recovering nicely.

"They're big puppies and we had to buy human baby bottles because they have such big mouths," said Shaw.

The veterinarian says this story has a lesson: Spay and neuter your pets to avoid unwanted litters.

"I would have preferred the person who did it to bring them to us and we will take care of them rather than put them in the trash bag," said Shaw.

The hospital staff received a tip on Facebook as to who might be responsible for abandoning the puppies.

WBTV contacted that person, but had not received a response as of Friday afternoon.

Indian Land Animal Hospital says the puppies should be ready for adoption in about seven weeks. You can call 803-547-7000 if you wish to donate.