McCrory: There are too many journalists in North Carolina

Gov. Pat McCrory hasn’t gotten the memo about the heavy cuts the journalism field has undergone in recent years.

He went to Charlotte, Greensboro and Cary Thursday to unveil a new workforce training effort. State and local officials will visit 1,000 companies in all 100 counties in the next 100 days to ask them what skills they need workers to have.

During the Charlotte stop, he said the state needs more workers skilled in advanced manufacturing, science-, math- and technology-related fields. At the Greensboro stop, he expanded on the theme to add some fields where the state doesn’t need more workers.

“We’ve frankly got enough psychologists and sociologists and political science majors and journalists. With all due respect to journalism, we’ve got enough. We have way too many,” he said, prompting laughs from the audience.