Charlotte reduces street sweeping, litter pickup

The city of Charlotte is still dealing with the fallout from its problems with its former recycling vendor, Inland Waste Solutions.

Charlotte terminated its contract with Inland earlier this year and hired BFI Waste Solutions in August on a short-term contract to help with staffing. Inland had been plagued by high staff turnover and the city had been forced to staff at least five of the company’s 20 recycling routes.

The city’s Solid Waste Services is now handling all recycling pickup, with an assist in staffing from BFI. But picking up the slack in curbside recycling has “strained” city resources, according to a memo this week.

As a result, only one street sweeper is operating. Usually there are nine.

Only one boom truck is operating instead of three. And only one crew is picking up litter in city rights-of-way instead of nine.

Starting this weekend, street sweeping and litter pick-up will be done on the weekends.

The city also hired some Inland drivers on a temporary basis. They have to take a four-week training course and won’t be ready until next week or the first week in October.