Duke Energy bedeviled by old number

A technical glitch with a phone number is causing some confusion for Duke Energy and its customers.

A group that advocates against abortion apparently has a phone number that used to belong to the Charlotte-based energy company, and Duke Energy’s name still appears on caller IDs when the organization calls.

Ruth Porter of Raleigh was upset after she received just such a call and saw the Duke Energy name.

“I got this young woman talking about right to life,” Porter said. “I assumed it was Duke Energy. I thought she’s sitting in her office making phone calls.”

Duke spokesman Jeff Brooks said the company has heard from other customers about the calls.

Brooks said Duke released that phone number back to AT&T two years ago when the utility switched to a new phone and messaging system.

Duke has also notified AT&T about the misleading caller ID, Brooks said.

“Although the calls aren’t endorsed by or coming from Duke Energy,” Brooks said, “we apologize to our customers and the community for the inconvenience and confusion this is causing.”