Charlotte weather: From near record highs to the first frost in one week

Expect some weather whiplash this week as temperatures drop from near record highs Monday to the first frost of the season Sunday.

Charlotte area residents can expect sunny skies Monday with the high reaching about 80, National Weather Service meteorologist Neil Dixon said. That’s just a few degrees short of the record high for this time of year, which is 85, he said.

A cold front will move into the area Wednesday, bringing a chance of showers, said Dixon. He noted that the rain will be very light and “just enough to wet the ground.”

The low on Wednesday will be 58, with a high of 76.

For the second half of the week, including Halloween, a Canadian air mass will build across the region, making “each day a littler colder than the day before,” said Dixon.

Halloween, which falls on Friday, will start off pretty chilly, with lows around 42. The high will reach 64. No rain is expected, said Dixon.

On Sunday, a lot of the Charlotte region can expect to see the first frost of the season, with temperatures hovering right around freezing in the morning.

“There is some potential that the growing season will end Sunday morning,” he said.

Despite a relatively sunny day, temperatures will only climb to the upper 50s, said Dixon.

“This is one of those really cold Canadian air masses,” he said. “We’ll have full sun, but we’ll still struggle to get out of the upper 50s. It’s going to be much different than this past weekend.”