Concealed cane sword discovered at Charlotte airport

A federal security worker discovered a concealed 13-inch cane sword last week at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

The sword’s discovery was reported on the Transportation Security Administration’s blog on Friday.

The sword was listed as an “artfully concealed prohibited item,” along with a boxcutter blade found concealed in the lining of a carry-on bag at Logan International Airport in Boston.

The TSA didn’t disclose exactly where it found the sword, whether on a passenger or in a passenger’s bags.

“It’s important to examine your bags prior to traveling to ensure you are not carrying prohibited items,” the TSA said. “If a prohibited item is discovered in your bag or on your body, you could be cited and possibly arrested by local law enforcement.”

The TSA didn’t say whether anyone was arrested.

The TSA also reported discovering 34 loaded firearms “and other interesting items this week” across the country, according to its blog.