Cats euthanized if not adopted in Lincoln County

Dozens of cats will be put down if they are not adopted from the Lincoln County Animal Services, the organization said Wednesday.

The animal service organization has 184 cats and they tell WBTV that, without any adoptions, 50 to 100 of them will be put down on Friday.

Animal Services Manager David Workman said the shelter took in more cats than normal this year.

“This is just putting us in a very strenuous situation right now with the overpopulation,” Workman said. “You know, we have regulations and rules that we have to follow here for our shelter so this does put us in a bad situation.”

Workman also said that euthanasia is a last resort and killing so many cats is hard on his staff.

“Unfortunately, the avenue is euthanasia when we get this crowded. We definitely don't ... none of the employees enjoy doing that process so that is the most unfortunate thing about it. We just want to try to educate the community and just receive their help, you know, try to get some of these animals out in forever homes,” Workman said.

Lincoln County Animal Services has reached out to several rescue organizations to see if they can help.

Workman added that overpopulation can be avoided if families just remembered to get their cats spayed or neutered.

The Lincoln County Animal Services is located at 650 John Howell Memorial Drive in Lincolnton. They can be reached at 704-736-4125.