Weekend forecast: Cool temps followed by rain around Charlotte

Colder than normal temperatures followed by a near certainty for rain make for a less-than-ideal weekend for the Charlotte area, forecasters say.

Friday’s high will top out around 50 degrees, which is 10 degrees cooler than the normal temperature for this time of year, as well as 10 degrees cooler than Thursday’s high of 60, according to the National Weather Service.

The overnight low heading into Saturday will drop below freezing and is expected to be in the upper 20s, said NWS meteorologist Scott Krentz.

Saturday’s high is expected to remain in the low 50s, with thicker clouds moving into the area in the afternoon, Krentz said. That cloud cover will keep the overnight low around 40 degrees but will also bring a lot of moisture.

Cold rain will start to fall around daybreak Sunday, and there’s an 80-100 percent chance it will continue throughout the day, Krentz said. Roughly an inch of precipitation is expected, and there’s the possibility of afternoon thunderstorms. Sunday’s high will be around 60 degrees, which Krentz said is normal.

“Colder than normal on Saturday and wet and a little stormy on Sunday … not a great forecast for the weekend,” Krentz said.

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