Concord police seek info on roadside shooting

Concord police continued interviewing people Friday in hopes of identifying a suspect in the death of Andres Alberto Martinez Trouch, who was shot Wednesday after he and his wife pulled over to talk to a group of men standing on a street corner.

Trouch, 31, died at the police station, where his wife rushed him after the shooting. Attempts to revive him were unsuccessful.

In an interview with WCNC, Trouch’s wife, Maria Monje, said five men standing near the intersection of Malvern Drive and Lincoln Street flagged their car down Wednesday afternoon. She said her husband suggested that she pull over to see what they needed. One person asked for a cellphone, she said, while another opened the passenger door, demanded money, then shot Trouch in the chest.

Monje said she immediately drove to the police station, which was about a mile away.

Maj. Gary Hartley said Friday afternoon that investigators have not identified a suspect. There were people walking around in the residential area when police arrived shortly after the shooting, he said, but police have not yet gotten a good description of the shooter or determined whether Trouch knew anyone in the group.

Anyone with information is asked to call 704-920-5000.